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Project RITOS
RPi BUILD / 2023.JAN.07A
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Thanks to James's additional work, Project RITOS can be hosted on a Raspberry Pi then linked to LED lights for Red Alert effect & more! Please check out James's PiRITOS repo on GitHub for info.
Trek Countdown
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Doctor Who Clock
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Project Logs
STARFIELD 47 Info + Update Logs
created by meWho

Inspired by Star Trek's Viewscreen, this web app was created to provide some interesting 3D visuals of warp-speed (lightspeed, FTL) traveling with Trek UI right in a modern browser without any extra plugins. Many aspects of the scene & LCARS UI are generated dynamically & randomly, so the overall animation presented is always slightly different & unique.

      Besides being interactive, STARFIELD 47 can also be enjoyed as a "web screensaver" when you leave Auto Nav on & set to Fullscreen mode. Updates will be made on a continuous basis. Best to experience STARFIELD 47 on a not-too-old desktop in fullscreen mode using Google Chrome browser. Hope you will enjoy it :-)

Feel free to drop me a message via email or on YouTube channel / Twitter / Discord

To support this app, please considering buying-a-Ko-Fi at www.ko-fi.com/system47/
or via Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=81962352 Thanks!! 

AUTO NAV The Auto Navigation system is enabled by default. It's accessible from the top right section of the viewscreen or from the Control Panel. When enabled, the Auto Nav mode will be engaged after idling for ~24 seconds. Clicking on the word "IDLE" or pressing the "G" key will engage the system right way. Clicking on the "space" part of the viewscreen will automatically disengage it. When the Auto Nav mode is "locked", the system will engage immediately. And most of the user interface will be disabled or faded. Accidental screen clicks will not disengage it. The Auto Nav system can also be disabled completely.

Main Control Panel
NAV. This multi-command button will engage or disengage the navigational system. Auto Nav system can be toggled in the following manor:
Disabled <<->> Idle <-> AutoEngaged <<->> AutoLocked
        <-> denotes a single-tap
    <<->> denotes a double-tap

WARP SPEED BAR STOP Use these buttons to adjust the warp speed factor.

CC. / Cruise Control When CC is on, warp speed will not be changed during the engagement of Auto Nav.

VECTOR Changes the heading (or view point) between the center origin & a random location. A double-tap will reset various on-screen parameters.

OPS. Starts Course Analysis. A double tap will reverse the course direction.

REF. MK STARS Reveals the Reference Markers or the Stars Markers. *When traveling in high warp, the Star Markers will likely get turned off automatically.

FILTER Enables the Subspace Emission filter. A double tap will enable the viewscreen's lens distortion filter (lens blur & vignette).

R&D Activates the Tachyon Sweep. When traveling in high warp, a double tap will "freeze" the star light trails.

FULLSCREEN Toggles the fullscreen mode -- not available on some mobile devices.

AUDIO Toggles the audio. Double tap to modify audio settings.

SETTINGS Brings up the app's settings. Settings will be stored locally & auto applied on your future visits.

Mini LCARS Display Windows

Each mini LCARS display has 3 functional buttons on the left side of its frame. When the buttons are single or double clicked, they can: update the graph, change the color scheme, and minimize/close the display. To reset the graph, click on the display's text title.

      Each display can be moved around, resized or minimized to the main Control Panel's LCARS Display area. Long press on the display to activate the "free positioning" of that LCARS display.

      From the main Control Panel, a new mini LCARS Display can be created until the max number of displays is reached. All mini LCARS displays can also be minimized or closed at the same time via buttons from the main Control Panel.

      Glowing effect of mini LCARS displays is only activated when the user setting "Graphics Intensity Level" is set to HIGH.

Additional graphs & features will be added in future updates.

* When too many displays are opened in large sizes, the overall performance could degrade *

System47 YouTube Display This display is located at the lower left corner of the screen. It is minimized by default. When this display is activated, data bandwidth WILL BE actively consumed to stream a System47 video from YouTube. **AdBlockers could prevent this YouTube Display from loading properly. Please adjust your AdBlocker settings accordingly if necessary.

Direct URLs for "Auto Nav Locked" mode

* User interface will be disabled in "AutoNavLocked" mode.
Ideal when used as an animated desktop wallpaper with Lively Wallpaper (GitHub)


  • + − keys ... increases/decreases warp speed
  • 1, 2 ..., 9 keys ... jump to warp factor #
  • 0  `  Delete keys ... full stop
  • Escape key ... full stop & reset to center view
  • V key ... random/reset viewing direction [Vector]
  • U key ... toggles ship icon
  • O key ... toggles [Ops] scan; +Shift to switch Ops scan
  • R key ... toggles [Ref.Mk] reference markers
  • T key ... toggles [Stars] star markers; +Shift to reveal star links
  • F key ... toggles [Filter] subspace emission filter
  • P key ... toggles [R&D] tachyon sweep
  • M key ... mute/unmute audio [new]
  • Ctrl+Shift+F keys ... toggles fullscreen mode
  • . (period) key ... toggles Control Panel's visibility; +Shift to bypass animation
  • Arrow keys ... moving in angular directions
  • W A S D keys ... 2D moving/panning in space
  • Z X keys ... zooming in/out
  • N key ... enables/disables the Auto Nav system
  • G key ... engages/disengages Auto Nav immediately
  • L key ... locks/unlocks Auto Nav (lock = limited user interface)
  • i key ... this info page
  • Ctrl+Shift+E keys ... ** toggles lens distortion effect - a bit more GPU intensive, could be sluggish on older machines



  • Cruise Control (CC.) added in the Control Panel. When CC is on, warp speed will not be changed during the engagement of AutoNav.
  • general app improvements (best experience on Chrome desktop)
  • feel free to send in any bug reports or feedbacks :-)


  • added graph selection for mini LCARS display - click the display's text title to reveal
  • logs in the Control Panel can now be enlarged
  • bug fixes for Safari browser & general app improvements (best experience on Chrome desktop)


  • AUDIO added, finally!
    Click on the "audio" button in the Control Panel to activate the sound effects. Double-click on the button to change the audio settings.
  • "tiny ship" is now clickable when visible - to change to another ship
  • Cartwheel Galaxy added to the Space Images mini LCARS display
  • sliding on WarpBar was 'jumpy' on Firefox (thx @LordVegan)


  • various ship icons added for STAR MARKERS (the STARS button) with new orbiting animations. Can also be activated by clicking the orbit icon within the VECTOR section in the Control Panel, or via keyboard shortcut U
  • general app improvements


  • Safari fullscreen mode was not functioning correctly


  • added a circular Proximity Scan to the OPS. Double-tap on its icon in Control Panel to change the scan color. The small shifting square near the center of the circular scan is clickable!
    >> This circular scan is inspired by designer Timothy Peel's work on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
    >> The original circular shader material was shared by Patrick from Babylon.js team
  • double-tapping on Control Panel's Vector button will reset most of the on-screen effect parameters
  • tiny ship icon has a label now -- odd for being visible at 67%
  • setup a Discord server to chat about STARFIELD 47 & System47
  • Renamed "Spatial Grid Analysis Scan" [navBrackets animation] to Course Analysis
  • Renamed R&D effect from "short range sensor array" to Tachyon Sweep. Effect style updated for better performance
  • general app improvements


  • a new NASA Space Images graph style added to the mini LCARS display, including some newly released photos from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. Go Webb!
  • fixed mini LCARS display frame animation for iOS/iPadOS
  • general app improvements


  • on iOS/iPadOS's Safari browser, if you export STARFIELD-47 site bookmark to Home Screen, this Home Screen bookmark will now launch SF47 in fullscreen mode
  • fixed css transform issues when viewed on iOS/iPadOS 14
  • general app improvements


  • a new graph style added to the mini LCARS display - the new ClipArt style shows random Star Trek related line arts
  • keyboard shortcut [. period] to toggle Control Panel's visibility; Period+Shift to bypass animation
  • tweaked random display parameters used during engaging of auto nav; misc performance improvements
  • fixed minor issue when changing lcars displays on Settings page


  • OPS. button: activates Spatial Grid Analysis Scan [nav brackets animation]
  • FILTER button: single-click turns on a random Subspace Emission Filter [color filter]; double-click toggles the lens distortion effect
  • double clicking on Control Panel's command button to minimize/restore the whole panel without transitioning animation (the COMMAND button is the box next to the text "STARFIELD 47")
  • R&D button: more randomized effects
  • STARS button: double-click to toggle the new star marker links + 1 little ship
  • added & changed some keyboard shortcuts
  • fixed to reduce browser dark mode conflicts (thanks LV!)
  • Misc bug fixes & app improvements


  • 24-hour clock option added to the settings
  • control panel blur effect when it's dimmed. Not applicable when graphics intensity level is set to "low"
  • adjusted the area where a mini LCARS display can be positioned to. *To place a mini LCARS Display to any position, turn on the "free positioning" first by long-pressing on the display.
  • user setting of the System47 YouTube Player caused the app to freeze in some cases
  • Misc bug fixes & app improvements


  • Control Panel UI big overhaul
  • light bar at the bottom of the viewscreen
  • viewscreen styles for R&D & filter commands
  • base font size
  • Misc bug fixes & app improvements


  • mini LCARS Displays!... contains a few hidden button functions :-) scroll up a bit to read about its features
  • Misc bug fixes & app improvements


  • clock display added
  • App Settings allow fine-tuning several aspects of the overall experience


  • fullscreen option on loading screen
  • dynamically loading of YouTube API for SYSTEM 47 video display
  • star markers were visible in high warp when auto nav was engaged


  • nebula dust added
  • SYSTEM 47 YouTube video display added -- **consumes network bandwidth while the YouTube video is playing
  • refinement on Star Markers
  • keyboard shortcuts E & F now require additional Ctrl+Shift keys
  • Misc bug fixes; app & UI improvements


  • "Star Markers" added as a part of the reference markers -- can be activated by double-clicking the R.M. button, or by tapping the T key
  • more random styles for reference markers
  • idle animation countdown in Auto Nav UI (a tiny dot)
  • rotation of distant background added
  • warp speed travel distance recalibrated with an exponential curve
  • Auto Nav speed -- now less frequently to jump into high warps
  • updated algorithm for the frequency graph
  • UI refresh issues
  • reference marker was not completely cleared
  • unnecessary over spinning of the view point when the spin angle is greater 180°
  • EXPERIMENTAL: lens effect added -- a bit more GPU intensive, could be sluggish on older machines -- the effect can be activated by a double tapping on E key, or by double clicking on the "Revision Date" at lower-right corner of the screen


  • alert notification system added -- clicking on a note will dismiss it immediately. Two manual dismissals will disable the notification system.
  • frequency graph added to the lower right screen -- frequency animation is influenced by current warp speed
  • additional keyboard controls
  • big update on Auto Nav's interface & process. It can now be disabled or locked manually
  • warp speed acceleration/deceleration time duration lengthened
  • mouse & keyboard inputs made less sensitive
  • occasional jerky animations during view point changing
  • Misc bug fixes & app improvements


  • "Auto Nav Locked" mode added
  • This "Info Update Logs" added
  • nebula animation improvement


  • incorrect screen resizing & buttons layout when viewed on mobile. For best experience, please view it on a desktop :-)


  • STARFIELD 47 released to public!


  • UI elements inspired by Star Trek's LCARS/Okudagram, originally created by Michael Okuda!
  • This app utilizes the wonderful & powerful Babylon.js, an open-source Web 3D Engine
  • D3.js open-source library used to manipulate random graphical data in mini LCARS displays
  • Space images: NASAGo Webb!