September 19, 2023
SPACEDOCK Module Added to Titan.DS

This Spacedock (Sol Station 398392/ aka Probert Station) is based on a short LCARS video clips tweeted by ST: Picard's Andrew Jarvis. It's briefly spotted in season 3. I made a few changes and added several interactive animations so that it's well integrated with Titan.DS.

A kind warning: I used a combination of SVG animation and CSS 3D transform to create the overall effect. It could be a bit heavy when running on a underpowered machine, resulting sluggish performance. And somehow Firefox crashes frequently when displaying this module, at least on my machine 🤷 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ **I will make a recording of this module and share it on my YouTube channel soon, so that everyone could enjoy this Spacedock animation without needing a fast computer.

Anyhoo, besides being an interactive module, I've also repurposed those spinning mini lcars to list out names of my project supporters on the Patreon & Ko-Fi platforms, as my form of making shoutouts😉
🧡 YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT IS MOST APPRECIATED! The names are arranged randomly on each refresh. Remember to use the "Via Patreon" & "Via Ko-Fi" buttons to switch on/off the platform category.

What's next on Titan.DS? It will be an Enterprise-G sideview display -- voted recently by my Patreon members😃 Cheers~

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August 23, 23023
Spotted System 47 on the Lower Decks!

Holy Koala... Spotted this while rewatching Star Trek: Lower Decks season 2's Dragon Ship episode [S2 Ep #7 Where Pleasant Fountains Lie]. A familiar screenshot of System 47 screensaver was on the shuttlecraft's display towards the end of the episode (~22:57) 🤣 So surreal~

August 11, 2023
Trek Countdown: Lower Decks Season 4 Premiere

Updated the Trek Countdown site with countdown to Star Trek: Lower Decks, season 4 premiere. Go Ritos!

August 8, 2023
Titan.DS with embedded Starfield 47 = Stellar Cartography!

Been working on this update gradually over the past few months - schedule was rather chaotic. Though I'm really happy that this update is finally complete.

In essence, I integrated my Starfield 47 project into Titan.DS. And a new module was born. I've named it the STELLAR CARTOGRAPHY module!

You'll find the button for this module, labeled STLR-CRTO, positioned just above the DNA Module button, towards the lower right corner of the main display. Once activated, Titan.DS will attempt to load the Starfield 47 website within an iframe (a website within a website). Due to the difference in UI design, the original interface of Starfield 47 wouldn't fit well with Titan.DS. To resolve this, I created a new UI layer within Titan.DS that would communicate with the SF47 iframe. You can still interact with the 3D Space in this module, just like in Starfield 47. The keyboard shortcuts with Starfield 47 retain their functionality here as well. (Remember to click on the 3D Space before utilizing the shortcuts to ensure the module gains focus first.)

Other enhancements include - -

I still have a few more ideas for Titan.DS. Can't wait to build the next module!😃 Cheers~

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August 2, 2023
Where is the Cosmic KOALA in Project RITOS

🐨The Cosmic Koala has been hiding in Project RITOS since last year (2022). This video shows you how to find it 😉 🖖May the Cosmic Koala Smile Upon You~

July 24, 2023
Starfield 47 Website Updated with Big Stars🌟

It's been while since my last update on this project... There's this one feature that I wanted to add ever since I saw an example on Babylon.js Playground website. It's a 3D star generated by using Babylon.js's awesome particle system. I finally incorporated it in Starfield 47 with a few modifications & randomization.

So how to see the 3D big stars in STARFIELD 47? When the warp speed sits at zero, first turn on the Star Markers (STARS button) from the Control Panel (shortcut key T). Then click on any one of the star markers floating in the space to toggle the 3D star. Double-click on the 3D star or the text marker to change the camera's zoom level. Or hit the shortcut key Y to focus on a random big star. Oh, black holes are out there too😉

Other updates include:


July 21, 2023
Starfield 47 Desktop App - preview

Finally spent some time playing with Electron.js framework to turn Starfield 47 website into a desktop app. Once the desktop app is downloaded, it runs locally on your system without needing an internet connection. Multiple windows can be launched by using the Ctrl-or-Cmd + N keyboard shortcut. For Windows with multiple monitors, try Ctrl+Shift+F to activate the Super Fullscreen mode -- a single Starfield 47 screen would span & display across on all of your screens. Additional keyboard shortcuts can be found in the README file.

Preview version of the Starfield 47 Desktop App can be downloaded from this Google Drive shared folder. Mac & Windows versions are available. Please read the "README" text file, especially for Mac users because of Mac OS's built-in security measure could prompt the downloaded file being damaged.

June 17, 2023
Trek Countdown: Counting down to SNW episodes

Updated the Trek Countdown site with info on ST: Strange New Worlds's season 2 episodes. Also added an mini ship animation to the loading screen🙂

June 13, 2023
USS Enterprise (SNW) module added to Titan.DS

A new starship module has been added: the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 -- the version from ST: Strange New Worlds (SNW). This wireframe graphic was recreated based on the images tweeted by Timothy Peel, SNW's motion graphic designer/supervisor.

Since it's a wireframe graphic, I thought it'd be fun to have a new 'revealing' animation sequence to go along with its line art style. I utilized SVG format's stroke-dasharray property to create the line drawing effect. This main revealing sequence would always start on the line drawing of the saucer section. It'd then proceed to either the nacelles, the pylons or the engineering hull section by chance. As usual, I tried to build in as much randomization as possible, so the overall effect would always be presented slightly different on each run. The bridge, the saucer section & the nacelles are all responsive to clicks.😉

Small improvements were made on other ships as well. Titan.DS now has a total of 3 starship modules (Enterprise, ENT-D & ENT-F). More will be added in the future. Cheers~

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June 2, 2023
Titan.DS: 1-hour long YouTube video

I recorded an 1-hour long video of Titan.DS in 4K resolution running with full sound effects on, including the ambient engine noise. A glow effect was added in the post with a video editing software before I uploaded the video to YouTube.

Ideally this could be viewed on a big smart TV via a YouTube app or a Chromecast/Fire Stick/Roku. A less powerful computer or tablet could also easily play this video, as opposed to running the more CPU-demanding Titan.DS website (Titan Display System).

Let me know if there are other types of video you'd like to see🖖

Titan.DS: SFX with Ambient Engine Noise • 1-Hour Loop in 4K:

Same recording but Without Ambient Engine Noise

* my YouTube channel (please subscribe🧡):

May 22, 2023
Sound Effects/SFX added to Titan.DS

Been working on adding the sound effects (SFX) little by little to Titan.DS in the past few weeks. So glad it's finally complete. 😫Pardon me -- currently my brain is filled with constant beeping sounds. Hopefully that will go away soon!

On Titan.DS's main display, look for the AUDIO button in lower left to activate the sound. (next to the fullscreen button) On desktop, the sound can also be toggled by hitting the M key on your keyboard. The Engine Ambient Noise has also been added. However, it is set to off by default. Head to Titan.DS's ABOUT section to adjust the volume levels of the Engine Noise and the Sound Effect. Whenever the volume level is altered, the new level's value gets stored in your browser's cache. And it will persist when you visit the site again in the future. Have fun💙

Let me know if you like this SFX addition -- drop your comments/suggestions on my Twitter, Mastodon, FB or my Discord server~🖖

May 5, 2023
Trek Countdown Infographic

Trek Countdown site's infographic.

April 26, 2023
Titan.DS Infographic

Made this infographic for Titan.DS – kind of like an instruction manual. Hope it's useful🙂

April 22, 2023
Enterprise-D graphics, mobile wallpaper & animations

Added Enterprise-D graphics (including some wallpapers) & some short animations to my publicly shared albums/channel.

LCARS Images (Google Photos Album)
LCARS Images (Flickr)
LCARS Animations (Google Photos Album)
Long duration LCARS Videos (my YouTube Channel)

April 22, 2023
Counting down to ST: Strange New Worlds - Season 2

Now that ST: Picard has concluded, I've updated the Trek Countdown site for counting down towards the season 2 premiere of ST: Strange New Worlds. Season 1 was awesome. So excited to see what's in store for us in season 2🧡

April 19, 2023
Battle Stations Red Alert GIF - downloadable

Finale is coming out -- for the cosmic koala's sake, avoid spoilers. "Battle Stations Red Alert" - downloadable GIF & mp4 video clip 🖖Free to use

By the way, if you're able to see this gif clip in full view on a big screen, right below the words "BATTLE STATIONS" you'll notice a phrase "Okudagram • Type Jarvis 42." Paying homage to Mike Okuda & Andrew Jarvis for giving us the LCARS 1.0 & 2.0😉

April 15-18, 2023
Titan.DS bugfixes & performance improvements

Made some bugfixes & performance improvements on Titan.DS, particularly for Firefox & Safari/iOS browsers. I applied blur effect on a few elements. And I have purposely suppressed this effect on Safari browser & any browsers running on iOS (all browsers on iOS actually use Safari as the engine). The blur filter effect is poorly supported on Safari and it affects the entire webapp's performance unfortunately🙁

April 16, 2023
Carpet Restored/Canceld GIF - downloadable

"Carpet Restored" & "Carpet Canceled" - downloadable GIFs & mp4 video clips
It was fun making the GIF back in early February. If you're able to view the GIF on a big screen in full view, you'll catch some of my silly text😁 Free to use🖖

April 12, 2023
Titan.DS updated with two new modules

A major update on this project. Project was renamed from TitanEPS to Titan.DS because more non-EPS elements have been (and will be) added. The DS stands for "Display System"😀
In this update, two modules were added: DNA & Enterprise-D. The DNA graphics were inspired by ST:Picard S3. And Ent-D's vector graphic was created based on images found in the ST:TNG Tech Manual. Look for the buttons on the side panel to activate these two new modules. Also, two display modes were added: a GrayScale mode & a Light mode (aka, the Flashlight mode 😂). Do be careful with the Light mode. Don't blind yourself😉 Below is the new URL for the Titan.DS project. Enjoy~🖖

Current project URL:
The initial version (simpler/cleaner) can still be viewed at:

March 30, 2023
TitanEPS starship graphic - downloadable

The TITAN EPS starship graphic used in my TitanEPS project was recreated based on screenshot from the ST:Picard's end credits. I have cleaned it up slightly, probably could use more work. Feel free to use it in your non-commercial projects. Please include attribution when repurposing/resharing🙂

Download link: SVG+PNG in a zip

*NOTE: TitanEPS was later renamed to Titan.DS with a new shorter URL.

March 17, 2023
Red Alert (red & green) GIF - downloadable

⚠ RED ALERT🔴 Cylon Agents aboard... wait, wrong TV show. Anyhoo, here's an animated Red Alert GIF in ST:Picard style. (right click to save the file)

March 6, 2023
TitanEPS test page expanded

Transitioned my TitanEPS test page into a more solid project. More LCARS elements & animations have been added, and it supports ultrawide display!! The additional "side content" can be viewed on a regular 16:9 display as well.
An Enterprise-F module & a Red Alert function are among the new additions.

*Special shout out to I created the Enterprise-F line-art graphic based on the 3D renders provided by Starbase400🙂

*NOTE: TitanEPS was later renamed to Titan.DS with a new shorter URL.

February 27, 2023
Star Trek Cruise

A bit jealous of seeing the tweets from folks currently on the Star Trek Cruise. So I checked out its website & the ship "Mariner of the Seas." thing led to another, here you go🤪

February 17, 2023
Star Trek Picard Season 3's TitanEPS recreated

Yesterday's season premiere was awesome! And that LCARS end-credits sequence was simply wonderful!! I quickly recreated the Titan EPS graphic and its animation on this test page: TitanEPS --
* The EPS boot-up sequence restarts every 47 seconds😉

*NOTE: TitanEPS was later renamed to Titan.DS with a new shorter URL.

January 31, 2023
16 days to Star Trek Picard Season 3!

Made some tweaks on the Trek Countdown website in the past few days: new Borgify mode, a "Soong" mode, added UFP emblem with subtle animation. plus some misc fixes.

January 17, 2023
Trek Countdown released

30 Days left to Star Trek: Picard's season 3 premiere!!!
Made a new "Trek Countdown" webpage in ST:Picard's new LCARS style (LCARS 2.0 ?) for easy tracking on the upcoming Trek episode.

👉Trek Countdown *on desktop: hit top-right box for fullscreen

January 9, 2023
Doctor Who Clock update

Tweaked my Doctor Who Gallifreyan Clock based on feedback. New hovering efx was added. The Gallifrey ring shatter effect happens automatically every minute on the minute, with overall shattering effect occurring every 10 minutes.
#webDev Made with 💙

* An one-hour loop 4K video is also available on my YouTube channel.

January 3, 2023
Project RITOS: new Sickbay module

Added a new Sickbay module to Project RITOS. This was a fun module to code -- making up all the pseudo medical data😁

December 17, 2022
Doctor Who Gallifreyan Clock

Something different from Star Trek, a Doctor Who Gallifreyan Clock. I am a Doctor Who fan too, and I've been wanting to make this project for a while. So happy that it's finally done😊 The design concept is from the circular Gallifreyan carved on the side of the Doctor's baby cot back in the episode "A Good Man Goes to War." It's a really beautiful carving. And the space images are from James Webb Space Telescope, courtesy of NASA.

November 15, 2022

Thanks to James Mitchell, Project RITOS can now be placed on a Raspberry Pi, then link to LED lights for Red Alert effect! Check out James's PiRITOS repo on GitHub for instructions.

November 14, 2022
Sound Effects added to Project RITOS

Project RITOS update: Sound Effects added, and the volume level can be adjusted in ABOUT > SETTINGS.

October 31, 2022
haPpiLy gOoGly👀... hapPY #Halloween🎃

Mini web project with Badgey & PeanutHamper from ST: Lower Decks -- With googly eyes, don't they seem happier and less evil now?😁 haPpiLy gOoGly

October 25, 2022
Project RITOS released

Whew... finally made this project stable enough before Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 finale's release. What a wonderful season it has been🧡

This particular LCARS website is more Lower Decks centric. And big thanks to all those fun source materials from Mike McMahan's Team Lower Decks, I had a blast researching & coding Project RITOS😄 Hopefully I've made this technobabble UI intuitive enough for everyone. Enjoy ~

Read up more info in Project RITOS's About section.
*Project R.I.T.O.S. = Recreating Interactive Technobabble Operating System😉

September 17, 2022
System 47 Viewer for macOS

System 47 Viewer for macOS is out - version 2.5.01. It can run in a resizable window or in fullscreen mode.

July 17, 2022
Discord server

Thanks to LV's suggestion, I've setup a Discord server -- a place to chat about System47 & Starfield 47 and anything on Trek & LCARS!

System47 Discord Server

July 12, 2022

Added "Space Images Graph" to the mix for the mini-LCARS display in STARFIELD 47. These public-domain space images are available from NASA's website, including the newly released photos taken by the James Webb Space Telescope ✨ #GoWebb!

June 2, 2022
Updated STARFIELD 47 with more LCARS

Added an interactive mini-LCARS displays😀 The mini-LCARS can display several different types of graphs. Best to experience it on your desktop. STARFIELD 47

March 25, 2022
Introducing STARFIELD 47

A new webapp project I started making this year. It's like a bridge's viewscreen on Star Trek. It's also like a stellar cartography. It features: 3D + Warp Speed + LCARS. It's a website, and no additional installation is needed. For best experience, please view STARFIELD 47 on a not-too-old desktop machine with Chrome or other modern browsers. Hope you'll enjoy it :-) Tip: put it on fullscreen mode & wait for the AutoNav to kick in. STARFIELD 47

February 28, 2022
Updated System 47 Screen Saver for Windows is released! - version 2.5.1

This updated System 47 screensaver includes all the features from the Viewer program, plus the multi-monitor support. Currently for Windows OS only. Due to tech changes in the past 20+ years, this screensaver's "wrapper" binary is a bit different from the old version. See System 47 for more info.

November 18, 2021
System 47 has finally been updated. A Viewer program for Windows - version 2.5.01

It's been a long time. Finally dug out my old code and made some changes to it. New features include: 16x9 Aspect Ratio support, Improved Framerate, Typeface Update, Clock Display, Configurable, Adjustable Volume, Detail Ship Schematics.
The Viewer program is only available for Windows at the moment. See System 47 site for additional info.

2007 ~ 2020
Time Traveling...

Not LCARSing ~ 🕑 🚀🥾

System 47 version 2.2

historical events...💾🦆

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