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Darth Solidus
from Texas | USA
May 13, 2022, 8:15pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 39
Greatest Screensaver Ever

Happy that the site got updated, thanks for the hard work. Starfield is really cool also. Are there any plans in the future for the screensaver to support more than two monitors? I would love to see S47 running on all 4 screens on my rig. Small suggestion, adding the option to turn off the ambient sound on secondary monitor feed would be great. Two ambient sound playing at the same time is a little off.
thanks for a great screensaver.


Glad that you like STARFIELD 47. I have made more updates recently. Check it out....

4 Monitors!!!?? Lol, there's no way for me to test for that. ha ha. Though I did program it to run on multiple monitors, not just up to two. Perhaps another bug? Hmmm... I will go through my C++ code to look for it. (I don't code in C++ much)

Oh yeah, that's a very good suggestion on the sound while running on multiple monitors. Basically, in multi-monitor mode, I simply launch multiple copies of System47 projector file, one for each monitor. I will try and find a way to mute the sound on secondary System47's. Thanks!
Murilo Silva
from Alpha Quadrant | Brazil
May 5, 2022, 3:09pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 38

After all this years, System47 continues incredible and awesome!
Thanks a lot!


smile Thanks so much. I had fun making this update. Glad that you enjoy it
April 28, 2022, 8:48am (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 37
old System47 won't uninstall dated 2020

I have an 'old' System47 Screen Saver dated 2020-05-10 uninstall pops up but entry doesn't go away.


Hmm, my most recent update was release in November 2021. And the old version prior to this would be in 2005.

The old version possible could still run on an old system, such as Windows 7. On modern OS, that old version wouldn't work. To remove the old version, try do a search on your computer with this term "system47", and delete the files found.
Admiral Kirk
from Navarre | United States
April 26, 2022, 12:05pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 36
Working just fine and It Looks Great!

Admiral Kirk posted on 21.12.2021 | 13:52:

I am SO glad you are back at it!!!

Like many other users here, I have been running this for about 15 years. It was my only screensaver on all my computers until Flash went away! I'm an IT professional, and before I worked from home, I used to love it when people asked me if I was really monitoring something! I had a lot of fun with that, as I am sure you can imagine.

I can't wait until the release of the new screensaver. However, there are a couple of questions/requests if they don't delay the initial release. If so, maybe you will consider them in future releases.

1. On my personal computer, my Mute setting was persistent. My company forces the screensaver with Group Policy, and my System47 would not stay muted. It may have been due to Flash and/or the change from Shockwave to Adobe, but I hope the new release will resolve this.
2. I doubt the "clickable areas" would work with the screensaver, but please retain the clock if you can. That is a fantastic addition.
3. Windows weather would be another fantastic addition and would add to the realism of the monitoring theme.
4. You could also include other PC stats (CPU, Memory, Temp, etc.) if that is possible.

Sorry for all the suggestions. I am not a programmer and have no idea if any of that is doable. I just wanted to chime in and tell you how glad I am to see this refreshed!

Do you have an ETA for the screensaver release?

Thanks so much!



Lol, so glad to hear your excitement. I have just uploaded the new version of the screen saver. Hopefully it will work on your machine. The underlying animation tech is still based on Flash. However, it doesn't rely on the Flash plugin anymore. To answer your questions:

1. The not-persistent-mute might have been a bug from the old saver. I did find some audio-control related bugs in my code. Though I cannot guarantee if I've eliminated them all. Fingers crossed

2. Yep, for the new version of the screensaver, I've disabled the "clickable area". It might come back in the future. I still like the idea of a screensaver that could be interactive :-) Yup, the clock is still there. It won't go away.

3 & 4. Weather? Hmm.. perhaps a Mars weather forecast. Lol. I was thinking about showing random images pulled from NASA's website, or some James Webb telescope data... Too many ideas but too little time. We need Q !

Let me know if you're able to run the new screensaver


The new screensaver is working beautifully. One thing I have noticed that you could take a look at, if you have time, I have a fully automated Starship (Smart Home). I power off my monitors when I say "Goodnight" by an iDevices smart receptacle. When they are powered on at sunrise every morning, my secondary monitor is just a blue screen. Standard Windows Screensavers don't behave this way but I did notice this on the old version as well. It recovers after I move my mouse (I believe), but definitely after I log back on. If there is something that can be done, it would be awesome. If not, just having this back is still incredible.

Thanks for taking my ideas into consideration.

On the weather idea, perhaps you could query the Windows Weather on the user's PC? You could even call it "Current Planetary Conditions" on the LCARS screen like it was monitoring the planet you are orbiting. smile

Sorry to hear about your MAC issues, like many others here, I intensely await your MAC version. I have a 38" monitor that I have a Windows PC and MAC sharing most of the time... That would really look cool! Maybe someone here has a mac they can donate to the project. I have one now running macOS 11 (Big Sur) that I would be willing to donate if I am able to get a newer one from work. Maybe another of your faithful followers already has something in a drawer somewhere that they will send you instead of a cup of Ko Fi.
from NC | US
April 6, 2022, 3:17pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 35
It's back!!! Hoorah!! Just need MacOS too... Pleeeasse.

I love this screensaver!! I've had the original for years and having a new version now is awesome!

In my office, I have a multiple monitor setup with Windows and Mac platforms due to my obligations with two different organizations. So now half my monitors go into System47, I just really want the other ones to match. That would be totally epic!!!


Apologies... the development of a mac version is on hold at the moment. My old mac died oh well Need to get a new one first, then some R&D to make sure that it's possible to port it to mac with M1 chip.

Hmmm.... a not-so-ideal alternative is to run the 1-hour System47 YouTube clip in fullscreen mode indifferent
David Solis
from Pasadena | United States
April 3, 2022, 9:41pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 34

Hi, just wanted to ask if any one had an issue with getting out of the screen saver. I have 5 monitors and it works amazing on all of them. But, when I want to go back to working with my computer it wont. All the screen go black, and there is no way to restart the screen saver or go back to my desktop. So, I have to reboot the whole computer. Any idea why is doing this?


5 monitors!! Wow....
Sorry to hear the trouble you encountered. Currently I only have the capability of testing it with 2 monitors. I am not able to reproduce the error. I will look into the code for possible bugs.
In case you encounter similar problems in the future, you could try pressing "Control-Shift-Escape" to bring up the Task Manager that you can terminate/kill non-responding apps/processors. Please ignore it if you know about this already indifferent
from Delta Quadrant
April 1, 2022, 3:23pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 33
Very glad to have this installed again! Thank you!


You're welcome :-)
March 30, 2022, 5:52pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 32
MacOS Development

Happy to see this is still alive, at least on Windows!
As a diehard Mac guy, I was crushed when I upgraded past 10.13, as it System47 doesn't run as a 64 bit native app (as I'm sure we all know smile )

Happy to help with development on macOS - I'm currently on Apple Silicon (M1 Pro) so I can help there as well.

Somehow this screensaver looks totally period correct on my vintage iMac G3 though!


:-) So glad to hear that you enjoy System47.
Unfortunately the development of a mac version is on hold at the moment. My old mac died oh well Need to get a new one first, then some R&D to make sure that it's possible to port it to mac with M1 chip. Thanks for the offering! Just sent you an email
from United States
March 20, 2022, 8:27pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 31
3 Monitors?

Love this! Though, I got it to work on two monitors flawlessly, but I have 3 monitors and it doesn't want to show on the third. No options to "force" it to do so. Ideas?


Thanks for the feedback! Hmmm... although I don't have 3 monitors to run the test, theoretically it should work on any number of monitors. One question, did you hot-plug in the 3rd monitor after you've booted into Windows? On a 2-monitor setup, I noticed that if Windows was booted up with only one monitor, and later a second monitor was activated, Windows somehow was not seeing the second monitor as the true secondary monitor. The problem went away if I started up Windows with two monitors.
I'll see if I could find a 3-monitor setup to run tests on.
Graph Paper Achitect
March 9, 2022, 7:09pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Post # 30
Thank You!!!

Thank You so much for fixing this! After they killed flash I was very sad and thought it was never coming back. This has been my favorite screen saver for so many years and I have missed it!!!

Thank You!!!


You're welcome :-) Thanks for your kind words
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