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type  Star Trek LCARS Program
platform  Win9x/NT/2000/XP
Mac OSX (PowerPC/Intel)
version  2.5.01 — freeware

System 47 Viewer Program
The compressed .zip contains 2 files:
  --   System47 v2.5.01 -- README.txt
  --   System47 v2.5.01.exe     (8.65 MB || 9,076,537 bytes)

The .exe file is portable, no installation required. Run it from anywhere.
Checksum records for the .exe file:
MD5 8618B31A9089DB7E1012BA407D253AFB
SHA-1 ACF16C149350424EFF7EE415D676120287D98F41
SHA-256 7EA985B5A7609DA138E953B57136C4E19169C55D3A16A1B060130684D7974BC2
Program Tips:

Limited clickable area in the viewer program
The "SYSTEM 47" text & the clock text display are both clickable -- opens up the setting configuration display.
Keyboard Shortcuts
f key -- toggles fullscreen mode
m key -- toggles audio mute
c key -- toggles config display
i key -- initiate the program again (reinitializing)
q key -- exit program
ESC key -- exit config, exit fullscreen, or exit program
Multiple copies of System47 can be run at the same time!
New features:
  • animation content now utilizes 16x9 display area (previously only for 4x3)
  • font typeface update
  • Various animation refinement upgrades
  • Enterprise-E schematic animation received tons of new additions
  • more "randomness" & variations built in
  • a clock display integrated into the LCARS UI
  • A new config setting display
  • volumes from effect sound & background sound can be independently adjusted
  • the animation frame rate got bumped up from 18 to 30FPS, resulting smoother animation -- sorry, this can cause some low-end computers to struggle more with the playback
  • plus some others that i can't remember atm, lol
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OLD Screensaver Versions
  • Win9x/WinNT/Win2000/WinXP
    Version 2.2 — system47.zip (1.3MB) * require Flash Plugin/ActiveX

  • Mac OSX (32bit)
    Version 2.21 — system47.dmg (1.9MB)

  • System47 Screen Shots / Wallpapers
    View and Download

  • Win9x/WinNT/Win2000
    Version 2.01 with sound — system47_v2.01.zip (557Kb)
    Version 2.01 silent mode — system47s_v2.01.zip (513Kb)

    // Both versions can be safely installed on the same machine.

  • Macintosh (PowerPC or greater, with System 7.1 or higher)
    (will NOT run on OSX)
    Version 2.01 with mute control — system47.sit (495Kb)
    //  with Mac OS 9 compatibility.
    //  Please note that this version's opening sequence should say "VERSION 2.01". If not, please update it.
    //  May conflict with FreePPP 2.6.x. Try using FreePPP 2.5.x or PPP (free from Apple).

Installation Instruction for PC:
  1. Download and save the zip file — system47.zip (or system47s.zip). Unzip the file by using WinZip or other decompressing utilities. (Visit WinZip.com to download the decompressing program if necessary.)

  2. After decompressing, double click to execute the setup file — system47.exe (or system47s.exe). This will install the screen saver onto the machine automatically.

  3. System47 should now be the active screen saver on your machine. If not, open the "Display" properties from the Control Panel. Then select the screen saver tab and choose "System47" from the Screen Saver drop down menu to activate it. Click "Ok" to save the setting. And that's it.

Installation Instruction for Macintosh:
  1. For OSX, download the above system47.dmg. Open the file and double click on the installer file inside. Then follow the instructions. For OS9 version, see below.
  2. For OS9, download the above system47.sit file. The browser will unStuffIt and save the file on your desktop automatically. (Visit www.AladdinSys.com to download the decompressing program if necessary.)

  3. Drag the file system47 from your desktop to either the System folder or the Control Panels folder.

  4. Restart the system. And that's it.
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