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type  Star Trek LCARS Program
platform  Win9x/NT/2000/XP
Mac OSX (PowerPC/Intel)
version  2.5.01 — freeware

Version 2.5.01 Previews // image resolution: 3840x2160

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System 47 channel on YouTube
... 4K videos of System 47 animation loop
OLD: Version 2.2 Preview

previews of System47 screen saver
• sound effects have been omitted from the preview
and the actual release is fully animated

3D Sector Scan
1024x768 (247KB)
800x600 (177KB)
640x480 (128KB)
Milky Way Galaxy Map
1024x768 (279KB)
800x600 (197KB)
640x480 (138KB)
Navigational Readings
1024x768 (189KB)
800x600 (140KB)
640x480 (102KB)
Sector Map
1024x768 (198KB)
800x600 (146KB)
640x480 (108KB)
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